CT0046S-004 Ultra White


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Cartier CT-0046S-004

Frame Color: Ultra White Buffalo Horn

Lens Color: Brown Gold Mirror

Frame Size: 56-18-135mm

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Cartier Ultra White Buffalo Horn(Buffs) Gold C Decor Sunglasses, CT0046S – 004 -Ultra White

Model: CT0046S-004 (ultra white)
Size: Size: 56-18-135mm.

Cartier White Buffalo Horn (buffs)C Decor Sunglasses, Smooth Gold Finish, Brown Lenses,

High-rectangular rimless shape enriched by the C Décor on the temples for an elegant clientele.

The collection is made of Asian Water Buffalo Horn with precious finishes, platinum or gold, adorning the décor and the metal parts.

Example of Maison Cartier Savoir-Faire: a construction in fine superimposed strips positioned in opposing directions to guarantee the quality, the resistance to distortion, and the stability of every frame.

Authenticity and preciosity of the horn are associated with subtle and timeless colours to highlight the warmth, lightness, and smooth texture of the horn.

The unique pattern of each frame thanks to the horns offer an in-depth and variety of tones.

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Cartier sunglasses-CT-0046S-004 buffalo horn
CT0046S-004 Ultra White
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